With temperatures reaching far below zero in Toronto and the GTA, you want the best in the industry to install and service your home furnace; you want Thermal Comfort Ltd. We provide reliable systems that save you money on your gas and electricity bills.
Using only the best furnace equipment the industry has to offer, you can depend on our years of experience and in depth product knowledge to help you make the right decision that keeps your house warm during the coldest days of winter.


Unlike a traditional tank-style water heater system, which continuously keeps a limited amount of water hot in case you need it, high efficiency tankless water heaters heat the water as it flows through the unit. This on-demand style of heating your water will save you money on your gas and electricity bills.
Wall hung tankless heaters are also compact and save space over traditional tanks-style water heaters.



If you are on the market to purchase a new storage tank / water heater, with multitude of high-efficient options available, Thermal Comfort can help you choose the right type of water heater for your needs and your priorities. We will also install your new water heater, or repair the one you have now.


By upgrading to a modern boiler, you have the potential not only to save money on your utility bills but also to reduce your carbon footprint.
From standard gas fired and condensing boilers, Thermal Comfort will help you choose the proper size of boiler that meets your home requirements, and your budget.